why choose ACHM

why choose ACHM ?

ACHM is proud to be different. We understand that some careers do not start right after graduation, but they can start immediately as soon as you become an ACHM student. Working together, we can set you on the path to success by preparing you for the working world and helping you to make connections that could ignite your career. We share close ties with industry, which advantages you to enrich your degree and be a distinctive applicant while applying for jobs.

Knowledge with Practical Purpose

We provide knowledge with a practical purpose. We build knowledge that is useful and applicable to find real-life solutions. We nurture our students and graduate, making them ready for the workforce.

Job Competency Building

Our trainers make sure that you graduate with the skills employers are looking for. That way, you will have the strategies and tools that you need to obtain employment even before graduation.

A Vibrant and Diverse Culture

We support and welcome students from all over the world. Studying at ACHM means enjoying a vibrant and diverse environment. We embrace cultures and differences. Our incredibly diverse community is constantly supporting each other and pushing to go above and beyond.

Be Your Own Master

The courses offered in ACHM are skill-oriented and practical based on the demand of today’s global market. The course hours are 20 hours per week in the classroom with 20 hours in Simulation-Based at the workplace. We also provide a flexible timetable as students’ requirements.

Clear Roadmap to Success

As employability is the centre of everything, we will be moving through the employability journey from day one. By the time of graduation, you will understand what comes next and how to be ready to grab it and run with it. We assist you to get a leg-up on the competition in the job market. Our courses equip you with a range of transferable skills and experiences.

Career Management

We are committed to make sure that you develop skills to grow as an individual and within your desired career path. Our expert team teaches you to realistically assess your personal strengths, develop a career path, and grasp the opportunities available to you. We can also link you with the industry, where you can further develop skills and experience.

A Personal Touch

Every student is different, and at times, everyone needs a little backup. We manage a student-to-lecturer ratio class to ensure that you get personal attention—our well-equipped classroom access you to learn at your very best. Our lecturers are qualified with industry experience and understand how to help you succeed. They are placed to help you reach your potential. Our specialised approach to learning enables you to get to know about your colleagues and teachers who are working hard to nurture in-depth discussion and practical skills along with your personal growth