Student support

Finding employment after study

We help students to get a job after studying. We offer:

  • Career Advice
  • Career Counselling
  • Resume Checking
  • Providing you resources to help you find part-time employment while studying
  • Support for Job Placements
  • Support for internships and industry placements

Our Beliefs

English and Wellbeing Enhancement Series

ACHM conducts workshops to support international students living and studying in Australia. Our workshop is focused on improving English language skills, guidance, and practical advice, that you need while moving to Australia and studying at ACHM. For more information on the English and Wellbeing Enhancement Series, don’t hesitate to contact the administration office.

Academic Support

Our Student Support Academic Officer coordinates to ensure that the student experiences the best studying environment and continuously improved outcomes. We also coordinate the delivery of academic skills and language that support settling to study and live in Australia. We are also ready to conduct one-to-one language and academic support, which supports students in practising self-directed learning in a supervised environment.

Health, Safety, and Security

In any life-threatening situation, call 000 (or 112 from Mobile) and request either Police, Fire, ambulance, or the problem you are facing. For Safety and Wellbeing, we are committed to ensuring that our working and learning environment is free from any form of discrimination and harassment. We strictly monitor to ensure that our staff and students are free from sexual assault, sexual harassment, violence, bullying, and conflicts.

Welfare Support

Our Student Support Welfare Officers are readily available to support students to adjust to the new learning and cultural environment. We also assist students with non-academic matters like accommodation, medical, legal, and personal issues, which might be preventing them from doing their best.


We conduct orientation for each term to meet your teachers and friends and familiarise you with the college environment. We will tour our college, and our team will discuss Australian lifestyle, finance, finance, accommodation, attendance, course content, and timetables.