Mission Charter


ACHM is committed to creating a transformative, personalised, and supportive learning environment to nurture and promote academic excellence and scholarly activity. We strive for excellence in everything we do.

To realise its mission, ACHM commits to:

  • Develop, educate, and empower the students and staff.
  • Be a learning organisation that contributes to bring positive changes in society.
  • Be a learning organisation to influence and embrace changes.
  • Create a financially viable institution to embrace change.
  • Maintain a student-friendly environment promoting better learning and understanding.
  • Maintain an attractive, safe, and well-equipped environment.
  • Be a well-managed and innovative institution.
  • Strive for excellence and promote quality assurance in all activities we conduct.
  • Provide development programs for staff at all levels.
  • Provide a nurturing student support system
  • Provide a diverse array of opportunities to foster the overall development of students and the college.


ACHM seeks to be the specialist RTO in health care settings like aged care, extended care, munity health. We aim to motivate students and expertise to advance academics with fulfilling careers in their chosen fields.

We aspire to:

  • Have a reputation as a knowledge hub for Certificate III, IV, and Diploma Level courses and short-accredited courses.
  • Broader community through education, innovation, and scholarly activity.
  • Have an impact on the social, educational, and well-being of the health care community.
  • To become a transformative and inclusive academic community.
  • To celebrate critical thinking.


The college is dedicated to the development and education of people, both students and staff. Our values define who were are, how we work, how we guide, and how we act with each other. ACHM is committed to decision-making, executing our responsibilities, openness, and transparency in our governance, and demonstrating courage in confronting those for violating the values for which we stand. As an educational institute, we value Academic Freedom, where students are encouraged to pursue independent thinking. We value working with the broader society, harnessing our diversity to create a social, cultural, and intellectual space. We value innovation, creativity, initiative, and critical thinking to pursue opportunities. We also believe in creating an empowering environment where the students can grow, contribute, challenge, and make a difference. Our values are the principle of integrity with respect for freedom, equality, and dignity.

Diversity and inclusion

ACHM is committed to creating a people-centered college to support and promote equity, diversity, and inclusion for all. Our philosophy and policy are to work in progress. We are mainly based on a college culture where every voice is heard and respected. We focus on creating an environment where you can raise your voice for discrimination and harassment, have freedom, and feel valued, included, and supported.

Working For Change

ACHM welcomes and celebrates diversities, differences, and uniqueness, acknowledging that our community benefits from a broad perspective across college life. We ensure that people feel comfortable. We focus on creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive learning environment and ensuring that everyone is treated equally to enjoy everything ACHM has to offer. We can do better and are constantly working to change and develop more inclusive behaviors and processes continually.